Alicante was a walled city; on the place now occupied by the Rambla was the wall that was built in 1536 by King Charles I. There was an interior wall street called Street wall, and another outside call Canicia ravine. But after a while and as a result of the demolition of the walls, rises the Rambla Mendez Nunez, that was also previously called Paseo de Quiroga and Paseo de la Reina, in honor of Elizabeth II.

There have been many changes in the Rambla from the romantic air that it had in its center. In 1923, it began to take physiognomy of a tree -lined avenue, but it was not until after the war that several blocks were demolished and in this way it communicates with Alfonso the Wise and the Esplanade.

In the 70s, the physiognomy of the Rambla has change so much that buildings over 10 floors are longer a barrier for anyone who wants to enter the old town or surrounding streets, these became dark streets because of the high buildings with little traffic. It is the first architectural barrier that arises in the city.

Even in this avenue, overambitious works can be counted as the first underground collector, which ended in the sea, or the works in 1997 with the new network of reparation and the great underground avenue that they construct under the ravine, changing again his sidewalks and taking out the palms that were crossing it in both directions for more leafy trees and with flowering as in that original Walk.

The Ravine has always been a commercial, boisterous, entertaining space. Among its neighbors, there is a family that with his 9 children turned to be owner of one of these buildings into his right sidewalk with his projecting balconies towards the Ravine. In the building lived all the family in one floor, a tailor in another floor, and another one was hired as a hostel. But towards the years, the owners decided to prepare and to tidy the building to turn it into a hotel, the Hotel Capri.

With passing time everything changed, and when the couple's children take the management of the inn, they decided not to rent anymore the floors, changing the family home floor with a great effort to convert the Capri Inn, to an hotel, the Hotel Rambla a 2 stars, being one of the hotel that has been there for many years.

In recent years and as an anecdote, our accommodation has counted among its guests with several actors who came to represent his plays: comedies, dramas, operettas, in the Alicante Main Theater, whose autographs and thanks notes showed us how good we are doing it.

Alicante as we said changed and progressed over the past 20 years. It was slowly changing as well as our hotel to this day without leaving their fundamental signs of hospitality, friendly service, customer knowledge and above all the pursuit of client’s satisfaction.

If you want to enjoy Alicante in a familiar and warm atmosphere, the Rambla Alicante Hotel is your hotel. Do not have any doubt¡¡¡

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